ROCK HILL, S.C. -- A 13-year old boy bit by a pit bull Sunday is recovering from his injuries after he had to climb a tree to get away. Now, authorities are in the process of determining what to do with the dog.

"I probably would've wrestled the dog down and killed it had it gotten on another child in my presence," said Jackie Burt.

On Mother's Day, Burt says her "mom instincts" kicked in when she saw the pit bull going after a kid in her neighborhood.

"It got up and started chasing me so I ran," said Jose Mora.

13-year-old Jose says the dog came from across the street.

"It was a pretty big dog," Jose said.

He did his best to get away by climbing into a tree.

"I just did this right here and it jumped up and got my thigh," Mora said.

Fortunately, he just needed bandaged up and the bite should heal. Burt says once Jose was up in the tree, she saw the dog start to attack other kids near by.

"Could've been a lot worse had I not been there," Burt said. "Three kids could've gotten attacked."

Rock Hill Police cited 22-year-old Michael Aguilar with a dog ordinance violation. He wasn't home Monday, but police say he told them the dog got out of his fenced-in area. Burt has three pit bulls of her own and doesn't want people to think that this happened because they're a bad breed.

"They're not all bad," Burt said. "I don't know what exactly set this particular dog off, but for whatever reason he did."

Now, police say it's up to York County Animal Control to evaluate the dog and make a decision.

"I'd hate to see any animal put down, but something needs to be done," Burt said.

The neighbors say this is the first time there's ever been an incident with this dog.