YORK COUNTY, S.C. -- A birthday bash was busted by law enforcement for underage drinking.

Deputies from York County shut down a house party on Farmwood Lane early Sunday morning.

“Nobody was allowed on the property if they weren’t 21,” said Billy Dixon.

Dixon, the homeowner, said he wasn’t at the party but says his 20-year-old son was the host.

“He was throwing a party for his friend, people brought their own alcohol,” said Dixon. “He didn’t go out and buy a whole bunch of alcohol.”

Deputies say the drinks somehow made it into the hands of teenagers. An 18-year-old was found sweating profusely, barely able to walk or talk.

She was taken to the hospital for possible alcohol poisoning and later arrested.

Officials say nearly 300 people ran off into the woods, one person as young as 15 years old.

“That’s impossible," Dixon said. "Where do you even find 300 people? We had maybe 50 or 60.”

“Our deputy said he saw 300 people," said Trent Faris, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. “Whether it was 300 or 10, they still got into a car after drinking, which is dangerous.”

Faris says the host of the party could face minor in possession of alcohol charges.

“If you are having a party and there’s juvenile drinking at a party and it's on your property, whether you know it or not, you will be held responsible.”