CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As stores across the Carolinas begin to fill up with some of the biggest deals of the year, being just one week away from Christmas, the aisles are also filled with thieves patiently waiting to make you their next victim.

“They kinda watch how people are shopping,” said Mark Bollinger, spokesperson for the Rock Hill Police Department. “They actually pick you out.”

On Sunday, thieves in Rock Hill picked out a woman to rob at the Mt. Gallant Food Lion.

The victim told police a woman asked her a question about ingredients on a box of food causing her to turn away from her purse left in the shopping cart.

Surveillance video later showed a man reaching into the woman’s purse stealing her wallet including seven credit cards and $40 in cash.

Hours later in uptown Charlotte, another woman was pickpocketed. According to a report from CMPD, the victim’s cell phone was stolen out of her unzipped purse. The victim told police the purse was hanging on the shoulder while at Ri Ra Irish Pub.

“The folks who are really good at this scam do it where people are comfortable, restaurants, grocery stores,” Bollinger said.

To keep this from happening to you, police say to be aware of all your surroundings.