CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 10-year-old girl from Rock Hill is being called a hero after she saved her mother’s life by calling 911.

Tammy Massey-Hart has had seizures before so she made a point to speak with her 10-year-old daughter Zhailah about calling 911 for emergencies.

So when Tammy had a bad seizure in August, falling in the shower and slamming her head against the toilet, Zhailah knew exactly what to do.

“I just saw her laying there and I thought she passed out or she was dead,” Zhailah recalled. “She fell and the curtain was on top of her.”

Zhailah had her 5-year-old niece call 911 and then took the phone to guide EMS to their Rock Hill home.

“The only thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance,” Tammy said.

“This was a matter of life or death," Tammy said. "I was proud, I was very proud.”

Submitted photo.

York County officials have now honored Zhailah with a “911 hero” award.

“I feel excited and famous,” the fifth-grader said with a laugh.

Proof that heroes can come in many forms.

“Both of them are my blessings from the Lord right here,” Tammy said. “My blessings from the Lord.”

Can't open? You can listen to the full 911 call here.