OAK ISLAND, N.C. – For the second time in about a week an alligator was spotted swimming in the ocean off Oak Island.

“We’ve been coming here for years and we’ve seen all kinds of things in the ocean but never an alligator,” said Kelly Edwards of Lincolnton.

Edwards was on the beach with her family when her son came running up to her. Her son told her to get her cell phone and come quick.

About 50 yards from where they were sitting on the beach they discovered an alligator in the ocean.

“He was right out in the water right where the waves break,” Edwards said.

She says the alligator was about four feet long and a crowd had gathered on the beach to catch a glimpse of the alligator.

John Edwards of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission says they did receive a call about the alligator in the ocean, the second call in about a week.

“The smaller alligators are moving to find new territory and to get away from the bigger alligators,” Edwards said.

The alligators will cross the beach into the ocean, but Edwards says they can’t stay in the ocean for long.

“They could stay out for a few hours, but they wouldn’t survive long term,” Edwards said.

Edwards said officers in uniform came and removed the alligator from the ocean.

“The whole thing certainly caused a lot of excitement on the beach,” Edwards said.

The alligator was relocated to another part of the island where Edwards hopes it stays.