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Sen. Lindsey Graham says impeachment for Trump is unconstitutional

Senator Lindsey Graham says he will work with the new administration to rebuild and move forward.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — On Friday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) held a Zoom press conference to discuss COVID-19 relief, the inauguration and impeachment. 

Since the Capitol breach on January 6, Graham said it is time to move on from the election and time for the country to rebuild and heal, but he also said impeaching President Donald Trump would create a greater divide.

"Impeaching a president after they leave office is, I think unconstitutional," Graham said. "It's never been done before for a reason. It sets up a never-ending retribution."

Meanwhile, Graham said getting more COVID-19 relief is one of his top priorities.

"COVID is raging in South Carolina. The hospitals are full. People are being laid off. It's been tough on folks throughout the state, so more money for vaccine distribution would be helpful. A larger check to middle-income, low income families would be very helpful," Graham said. "I think there's many things in this package I could support. Some of it I can't."

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Wanting the package sooner rather than later, Graham said funds from a new bill could allow vaccine distribution to speed up. 

"The vaccine rollout, I think, is going to get better. There's more vaccines coming and a COVID package with money in it to allow distribution at a faster rate will be very helpful," Graham said.

As for the roll out in South Carolina specifically, Graham acknowledged it's been slow. "Our hospitals and our doctors need help," Graham said.

Concerning next steps, Graham said he will work with the new administration to rebuild and move forward.

"I have a sense of optimism. I think this a hopeless bottom. I think there's disgust with what happened January 6 that has penetrated the hearts and soul of America," Graham said. "We're better than this, and I'm willing to do my part."

Graham said he will be attending President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.

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