CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More safety concerns in Charlotte's South End after police say crime has been rising in the area.

The latest case was an attempted car break-in, leaving the victim out of thousands of dollars.

"It looks like there were some power tools involved," said Matt Choiniere. "It looks like it could be a drill or crowbar."

It was a Sunday morning wake-up call Matt Choiniere didn't expect.

"I was about to go to breakfast," said Choiniere.

Instead, he was on the phone with police reporting what appears to be a reoccurring theme in South End.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's crime map shows the number of crimes within a two-mile radius from where Matt's car was targeted.

"What was one of the first things police asked you when they got on the scene?" asked NBC Charlotte's Xavier Walton.

"So I am a gun owner and he asked me if my gun was in the car," said Choiniere.

CMPD says it happens every day in parking lots around town. As of June 1, there were 237 guns stolen out of cars in Charlotte this year.

"They're going to get the electronics or whatever they can visibly see and then they go into the glove box or center console or the side panel and there lays a gun," said Officer Jonathan Frisk, a CMPD crime prevention specialist.

As a result, people are more concerned with their safety than ever.

"Just knowing the areas where we normally work and eat are becoming violent like this it can be concerning," said a South End resident.

Matt says the total damage from the break-in incident estimates to "upward of $10,000."

Anyone with information on this break-in incident or other crime-related incidents is asked to call Crime Stopper at 704-334-1600.