WATAUGA COUNTY, N.C. -- The mountains in Watauga County are expected to see snow and freezing temperatures overnight Monday.

NBC Charlotte's First Warn Storm Team forecasts one to two inches total in the area, but quite a bit o that is expected to melt and refreeze overnight.

As the temperature drops below freezing overnight, people are encouraged to bring inside plants or cover them to protect them from the cold.

Robb Stewart, owner of Mustard Seed Market, was busy Monday moving plants into greenhouses and covering them with frost cloth.

“When you have weather like this when you have new growth out, you have to protect it somehow,” Stewart said.

Stewart said people should consider covering plants with a sheet cardboard box, or frost cloth when temperatures dip below freezing.

“I always tell people don’t cover directly with plastic,” Stewart added. “People do that, and plastic actually just conducts the cold and makes it worse.”

Plants in the Watauga County area should be in good shape to weather the cold temperatures, Stewart said, because the area has received a good amount of rain so far this year. He said having more water in a plant can actually help protect it from a hard freeze.