CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBC Charlotte is continuing to help you prepare for Hurricane Florence making sure you are finding the supplies you need.

We sent our Billie Jean Shaw out across the Carolinas to help you find all your last-minute necessities.

The urgency to prepare ahead of what is expected to be one of the most catastrophic storms in decades, is already causing a whirlwind inside of stores across the Carolinas.

We put out a poll to find out what items people need the most and learned bottled water tops that list.

The Lowe’s in Charlotte’s South End just got an emergency shipment of more than 900 bottles of water but hurry, it’s clearing off the shelves quickly.

“We don’t actually anticipate getting any more of those supplies,” said Gary, a store manager at Lowe’s.

Less than a mile away a few cases are left at the Food Lion on Park Road. Distributors are bringing in a new shipment in the morning but there are doubts it’ll even make the shelves.

“In seconds, you put it out and it’s gone," said Shane Williams. “They just flock towards you before you even get it on the shelf.”

We also found a few cases in Rock Hill on Dave Lyle Blvd. at Target, Academy Sports and Wal-Mart. However, Walmart is only allowing customers to purchase up to two cases and they’re not accepting returns.

The other safety items on everyone’s list: generators, flashlights and batteries. We just learned dozens of generators are being stocked at Lowe’s in South Charlotte.

“Our location on South Tryon received 100 generators around 2pm,” said Gary.

In Rock Hill, Academy Sports doesn’t sell generators, but they are fully stocked with batteries and flashlights , even propane and grills.

“The small grills, said Carolyn Frye, a store manager. “We’ve sold quite a few displays on that.”

Once you have all your household items, don’t forget to gas up. Gas is running at $2.61 at the state lines, the tanks filled with evacuees dodging out of way of Hurricane Florence.

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