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She just turned 104-years-old and there's no slowing this grandma down

Dorothy Geggus loves to dance and is always up for an adventure.

Dorothy Geggus, who goes by Dot, was born in St. Louis on June 13, 1914. She’s lived a lot of life in her 104 years. She got married to the love of her life when she was 19. She spent 52 years with her husband Bill before his death in the 1980’s.

Dot has 66 grandchildren including 19 great-great-grandchildren. She’s a grandmother that doesn't sit still. She’s always up for dancing or other adventures. She celebrated her 102nd birthday at Ballpark Village in St. Louis riding a mechanical bull.

The family also has video of Grandma Geggus going down a slide in Chicago last month.

"She's always ready to go,” said Lisa Renaud, Geggus’ granddaughter.

"She has a great spirit, a great sense of humor. She’s always on the go and she doesn’t have time to put her aches and pains on the forefront," added Geggus’ daughter Scharolette Pavlisin.

Geggus still enjoys a cold beer and ham sandwich for lunch several times a week. Just until recently she lived on her own. She now lives with one of her daughter’s.

So what’s the secret to a long life?

“Working hard and just having a good time. Complaining isn't going to help any. I have a wonderful family. They're helping me all the time,” Geggus said.

She's helping all of us realize acting your age is no fun.

When asked if she feels 104 years old, she said, "No, I can still get up and dance.”

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