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Strong storms bring flooding and power outages

Friday's storms brought flash flooding and thousands of power outages.
Photo: @saratweetshere

CHARLOTTE NC (WCNC) – Friday’s storm brought flooding roads, cars, and homes.

“A storm came through here out of nowhere,” Mary Berryhill, a Charlotte resident who lost power said. “I cut my porch light on, look at my house, there’s no power. No air conditioning, no nothing.”

Dozens of trees collapsed on power lines, roads, homes and cars.

Police scrambled into the night to clear it all.

“I’m just blessed and thankful that it didn’t hit my house because its right next to my house so thank God for that,” Berryhill said.

There were also multiple reports of cars stalled out in flood water.

Even the southpark mall garage saw some flooding. For first responders, clearing major roadways is priority one.

As of Friday night thousands were still without power, but Duke Energy is hoping to have all power restored by the morning.

Always remember if you see a flooded roadway, turn around and don't drown.