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Super G Mart opens North Carolina's third location in Pineville after months of delays

The international food market looks to meet Charlotte's growing global palette.

PINEVILLE, N.C. — Occupying the former Super K-Mart across from the Carolina Place Mall, the much anticipated international market was planned for an opening last summer.

Peter Han, Vice President of Business Development for Super G Mart, told WCNC's Jane Monreal, "It's been a construction site for about two years. So, seeing customers walk through the door and seeing the parking lot filled with cars, it's an indescribable feeling for me."

Han said the hold-up was out of their hands and due to issues with the supply chain.

"The switchgear that we were waiting for, that was delayed about six months from the factory," Han said. "That was the main cause of delay and I think because of that, we kind of lost the momentum in the construction progress."

However, with hiring underway, the store was able to softly open on Christmas Eve, with many eager customers getting to be some of the first to preview food items from Asian to Hispanic to European influences, as well as exotic produce and fresh seafood.

"We're not perfect yet. We still have a lot of our shelves that are not fully stocked," Han said of the store's first few weeks. "But a lot of the customers have been very patient with us, and we're very appreciative that."

The co-owner said the family's decision to invest in the 108,000-square-foot space is due, in large part, to a growing interest in international cuisine in Charlotte-Metro.

Han said, "I think a lot of that stemmed from the pandemic, with the restaurants shutting down, people having to cook at home. And I think eventually people got tired of cooking the same thing at home. So we saw a lot of diversification in our clientele."

Bakery, Tous Les Jours, will be opening a counter inside Super G Mart.

An international food hall featuring almost a dozen stalls, as well as a full-service restaurant, is also in the works.

As of Monday, January 16, Super G Mart extended their shopping hours to 9 AM to 8 PM.

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