CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte drivers throughout uptown and South End said they have spotted a large group of teenagers all on bicycles intimidating other motorists and damaging property.

On Sunday, the biker group was seen riding along Camden Road when driver Erin Leonard says she found herself directly in the group’s path.

“One of them popped a wheelie and rode directly towards my truck and veered off a little before he hit me,” Leonard said.

She told WCNC Charlotte a few of the teens in the group hit her side mirror and then one of them kicked the driver side door on her truck leaving a footprint behind. 

Leonard, like other drivers, said the biggest concern is safety.

“I think it’s not safe at all from all of them to be doing it," Leonard said. "It puts themselves in danger and everyone else around them in danger.”

Charlotte streets have also seen plenty of other reckless acts with groups of ATVs and dirt bikes riding throughout the city. Some are hoping an increase police presence could help put an end to the reckless behavior.

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So far police haven’t made any arrests related to these bicycle groups. CMPD says if you do spot the teenage bikers wreaking havoc to report it to police. 


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