CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police are issuing an urgent warning for anyone that uses a food delivery service after a woman said a driver made several advances at one of his customers.

This isn't the first time and now police are saying people using these apps need to be cautious.

"I got this text message," said Daysi Yeates. "I got another text message saying it's your number."

For Daysi Yeates, it's not the text message that creeped her out, but who it came from. Her DoorDash food delivery driver.

"He just kept insisting, saying, 'oh, you're just a beautiful woman you're so pretty can I come back?" said Yeates. "'I really like you a lot, please' and I was like no, no thank you."

She ordered Buffalo Wild Wings through the Facebook food delivery service, but Daysi got something she didn't want. She notified DoorDash. They sent an apology letter and offered her a $5 credit.

Companies all over like DoorDash, Post Mates and Grub Hub, to name a few, are now at your fingertips. Just two months ago, a food delivery driver showed up at a Ballantyne woman's front door. However, she didn't order anything. Police said she was sexually assaulted.

"Find out if they do background checks on the drivers," said Officer Destiny Winston. "Find out how reputable that service is so you can have an idea before you even place the order."

Outside of doing your homework police also suggest stepping outside your door when the delivery comes and if possible don't order if you're home alone.

"He didn't do anything," said Yeates. "He didn't like come in and assault me or anything, but he could have."