YORK COUNTY, S.C. – The NBC Charlotte Defenders team is following up on a story about trash trouble in local neighborhoods.

Earlier this year, a viewer sent us video that appears to show a garbage worker mixing recycling and regular trash in the same truck. After NBC Charlotte showed the waste company that video, the worker involved was fired.

However now, another customer sent a new video of it happening again.

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NBC Charlotte has learned the garbage company been sold, but that happened after the new video was sent.

Stan Schwartz said catching the garbage workers on camera in his neighborhood served an important purpose.

“I saw them putting the trash and the recycle into the same truck,” Schwartz told NBC Charlotte.

At a closer look, the video shows both cans clearly labeled Liberty Waste. The name might ring a bell because of a Defenders investigation earlier this year.

Sarah Morrison also shot video of a man who works for Liberty Waste. The video appeared to show a cardboard box, trash and recycling all thrown in the same truck.

“It’s frustrating because we want to see less going into landfills,” Morrison previously told NBC Charlotte.

At the time, our Defenders team was able to track down the owner, Joe Miello, at the company’s office near Fort Mill. Miello then told us the worker who mixed the trash and recycling had been fired.

“It’s an employee who made a choice to do something that ultimately got him terminated,” Miello previously told NBC Charlotte.

“Obviously, that's not the case,” Schwartz said. “This is the way he's operating now.”

After weeks of leaving voicemails, and even heading to the company’s location near Fort Mill, NBC Charlotte finally reached Miello by phone. He declined an on-camera interview but said he sold Liberty Waste.

The new owner, Active Waste, confirmed the purchase and acknowledged the kinds of problems Stan Schwartz is complaining about.

Active Waste told NBC Charlotte they are aware of past issues that led to the company changing hands. The new owner said they are asking for patience from their customers as they work proactively to address the issues.