CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Thinking about going to college? There’s still time to apply, but you better act quick!

Upcoming deadlines for college application submissions include:
NC State: January, 15
UNC - Chapel Hill: January, 16.
UNC- Charlotte: February, 1.
Queens University: March, 1.

“We’re looking for a freshman class somewhere around 3,500 for the fall,” says Claire Kirby, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UNCC.

When asked how students can make their application stand out, Kirby says it all about conveying what type of student they’ll be.

“It’s really about conveying who you are as a student and what’s been important to you, what’s made you who you are, what’s made the experiences that you’ve had, you know what has made them important to you,” says Kirby.

She says students should also always include a letter of recommendation and an essay, even if it’s not required.

Admissions counselors also encourage all students to apply for college, despite their parent’s income, saying there are countless scholarship opportunities out there. Kirby says they're sometimes found in the most unlikely of places, given out by veterans groups, foundations, retailers and even radio stations.

“We’ll point students to our scholarship office, but there are thousands of scholarships out there for students that aren’t even tied to the universities individually,” says Kirby.