Twas the night before Christmas and Atlanta-based rapper T.I., Clifford Harris Jr., decided to give back to his community.

According to an Instagram video posted on his account, T.I.P. shelled $20K in 30 minutes; that's a lot of money, but for a good cause.

The rapper decided to surprise unsuspecting, single mothers with a Christmas gift and bought them presents to give to their children.

In the beginning of the video, you can see the artist entering the store and shouting,

"All single mothers, all single mothers if there's anything for your children that you didn't get to get, meet me in the back!" And, of course, they comply and T.I. is seen buying gift upon gift upon gift.

Wish I could've came earlier,stayed longer & done more for more people. ( @delta got in our business) But still I'm blessed to be able to do anything I can for those in need. Merry Christmas to everyone who helped me thumb through 20k in 30mins. If I missed you... I'll catch up with you next year!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!!! From me and mines, to you and yours... MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎁!!!!

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