CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Miniature sized ghouls and goblins are gearing up to hit the streets tonight for the trick-or-treat festivities, but we have some warnings for parents out there, before all the candy eating commences.

The Tar Heel state's Watch for Me NC pedestrian safety program wants to help keep all the tricking and treating little ones safe.

When it comes to your child's costume, choose a light colored costume for kids to be seen. Make sure the costume is "flame retardant".

Avoid masks. Sticking to face paint will make it easier to breath.

Also, put a nametag on your child's costume with your phone number, in case they get separated from you. You can even make their bag a reflector by putting reflective tape on the candy bag to make sure they it can be seen.

"You need to teach your kids that just because they see a car that doesn't mean the driver sees them," says safety expert, Dan Starks.

According to State Farm, children are twice as likely to get hit by a car on Halloween, so if you’re driving, be careful. Avoid taking neighborhood shortcuts. Slow down and drive sober.

For kids walking house to house in neighborhoods, staying in groups is always better than walking alone. Make sure your kids have lights to walk with as well.

"They're walking around with these little glow sticks, okay, and they're not very bright,” Starks says. “I would
much rather somebody walk around with a flashlight."