The effects of the government shut-down are trickling down to the Carolinas, including in the Transportation Security Administration.

A growing number of TSA agents have been calling out sick from work, reportedly since they're not being paid. Security Council members say 10 percent more TSA agents than usual are calling out from Charlotte Douglas. 

TSA confirmed call-outs have increased, but they're insisting that they are still well staffed, saying security will not be compromised.

TSA officers aren't getting paychecks because of the shutdown, but they are still required to show up to work. Some agents in the Charlotte area saying they're frustrated -- their funds are running low, some can't even afford to make it in to work to the job they aren't being paid for.

With all this uncertainty and growing number of call outs, travelers are becoming increasingly uneasy too.

A TSA spokesperson said TSA screened approximately 2 million passengers Saturday. 99.9 percent of passengers waited less than 30 minutes, and TSA Precheck passengers on average waited less than five minutes.