CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Whether you're from the South, just moved here, or are simply passing through, there's no denying it: chicken and biscuits is a southern staple, and you can probably thank Bojangles' for that.

They've been frying up the southern specialty for 40 years now, and the very first Bojangles' biscuit was cooked up in the Queen City back in 1977.

"They went out on faith, opened their first store, (which was) just a walk-up, no drive-thrus or anything at that time, and then it grew like wildfire," said Bojangles' CEO Clifton Rutledge.

In honor of their over-the-hill milestone, Charlotte Mayor Roberts declared Tuesday to be Bojangles' Day in the Queen City. Roberts, who is a self-proclaimed fan of the signature Cajun chicken, said there's more to Bojangles' than just quick service and good food.

"There are so many events for children, for the elderly, just community organizations that they're supporting," Roberts told NBC Charlotte. "That their employees give time to, that they give corporate dollars to, that they provide free food for, and we are just so grateful to have them here and to have them be successful and to have them continue to employ lots of people."

It's that signature Bojangles' flavor that makes their chicken and biscuits oh so tasty, but Rutledge says the people behind it are the real ingredients necessary to make their famous recipes really pop.

"There's a lot of restaurant companies out there, but our culture and that closeness, it's truly a family and that's what makes us," Rutledge said. "That's what sets us apart."