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UNC Charlotte shooting survivor vents frustration over gunman sentencing

Drew Pescaro started talking about the plea deal on Twitter Wednesday night and alluded to the gunman's motive, which was made public on Thursday.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — UNC Charlotte shooting survivor Drew Pescaro took to Twitter to vent his frustration over the gunman's plea deal and sentencing on Thursday.

The gunman pleaded guilty for the April 30 rampage that killed two students and hurt Pescaro and three other students.

The plea was part of a proposed deal that would spare the gunman's life, a family member told NBC Charlotte Wednesday. He was given two life sentences.

Pescaro started talking about the plea deal on Twitter Wednesday night and alluded to the gunman's motive which was made public on Thursday.

"Now let me create a scenario for everyone. Imagine that there was this guy who had student debt and didn’t want to have to get a job to pay it off. So instead of finding a way to pay off his debt he decides it would be a great idea to get jail for life instead," he tweeted.

"He decides the way to get jail for life is to purchase a pistol, and show up to a college campus on the last day of classes and shoot up a classroom, killing two and injuring four more. He knows if he puts the gun down he won’t be killed on spot as he is afraid to die," Pescaro added.

"So after he’s done shooting he puts the gun down and identifies himself to the police when they arrive. He’s taken in alive and admits that he did everything he did so that he wouldn’t have to pay debt, work etc. Now flash forward and he’s about to get exactly what he wanted," the thread continued.

"Life in prison and he got it by committing a school shooting. His plan to get life in prison worked and he got everything he wanted out of the situation. Oh wait is this a made up story or am I talking about something that’s actually happening. Who knows, we will see," Pescaro ended.

Just after noon on Thursday, the shooting survivor tweeted again.

"For anyone who was not inside of Kennedy 236 between the time of 5:30PM - 6:00PM on April 30 and wants to TELL ME HOW TO FEEL, keep it to your self. You can’t feel what I feel and don’t try to tell me how to feel. Here’s what you should do instead," Pescaro tweeted, followed by shushing emojis.

Around 8:30 p.m. he wrapped up his thoughts for the day.

"One last thing and I’m done talking about this BS: Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina. A place where you can be shot, witness two of your classmates die, three others sustain injuries, and the murderer gets to determine the 'punishment' that works best for him," he tweeted.

Pescaro also issued a statement before Thursday's courtroom hearing which said in part:

"After a meeting at the DA’s office yesterday (Tuesday) morning, I feel that there is no purpose in me showing up as I feel that the DA’s office did not properly represent us victims. I feel like our thoughts and emotions on the case were not taken into consideration and that they chose to take the path of least resistance for the State for the City of Charlotte. I am not allowed to directly say what I mean by that but you will see what I mean when the court case takes place tomorrow.

You can read Pescaro's full statement here.

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