CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Dozens of students at UNC-Charlotte staged a demonstration Thursday protesting President Trump's immigration policy that places a temporary ban on refugees coming to the United States.

The students nearly filled the ground floor of the Student Union building where speaker after speaker denounced the order that includes seven nations with predominantly Muslim populations.

Among the speakers was Professor John Cox who teaches classes in global studies.

He later explained what he hoped would be the message coming out of the rally, saying, "I hope the main one is we are all in the same human family, and when our fellow humans need refuge, we should open the door and not slam it in their face."

Morium Davly is working on her Master's Degree, but she worries about her future in this country because she is Muslim.

For her, being at the rally was important.

"It is a country where you can have equal opportunity, so that is why I feel it is important," she said.

Other students from Muslim countries said they feared leaving the U.S. now because they might not be able to get back in in the future.