CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- University of North Carolina-Charlotte workers found a dead body in a pump room on campus Friday afternoon.

School officials say workers found the body inside a water pump room near the campus entrance. The small brick structure houses pumps that supply water for the university's lawns.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officers taped off the area while homicide detectives investigated the death.

"It was crazy, it was kinda surreal," said Katie Johnson, UNCC freshman. "I didn't expect for something like that to actually happen, it just didn't hit me until I was over here standing here," she said.

Johnson and other stunned students stood near the police tape, looking on as investigators remove the unidentified body from campus.

A university-wide email alerted students to the incident. Before the alert, some dismissed the heavy police presence.

"I heard Hillary Clinton was coming to the area so I thought maybe that's where her buses are going to park, that's why they have all the cops there, who knows," said Michael Romeo, UNCC junior.

Romeo and his friends continued to play football on the lawn a few feet away from the taped off scene before realizing that this didn't have anything to do with Clinton's Sunday visit to campus.

"It's really crazy knowing that it's on campus," he said.

"With everything that's happened in Charlotte in this short time of being in college, it's just a lot to handle-- especially as a freshman," said Johnson

UNCC Police Chief Jeff Baker says he knows students are concerned, but he says there is no evidence of foul play, so there's no need for students to worry.

"There is absolutely zero threat to the campus community and it is not affiliated with the campus at all," he declared.

CMPD is still investigating.