CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There are new steps to protect people around the CIAA tournament after intense violence last year.

Now, NBC Charlotte is learning the city is cracking down on permits for private parties. It comes after more than 100 gunshots were fired in uptown Charlotte last year. The shots were fired near a private party on Caldwell Street.

After the gunfire erupted, rapper Young Dolph claimed he was the one shot at. Then, he created an album called “Bulletproof” with songs “100 shots fired”, “In Charlotte” and “But I’m Bulletproof.”

Now, flyers are floating around on social media featuring him at an adult nightclub during this year’s CIAA tournament.

“I’m hoping someone’s had a chat with this guy and there’s an expectation the city is watching,” said mayor pro-tem Juliet Eiselt, who is also chair of the city’s community safety committee. “The issues in the past have been around people coming in for these unsanctioned parties.”

Eiselt said it was difficult to find the party host, who was given the city permit.

“They were supposed to be on site, but they might be an out of town party,” Eiselt said.

This year, the city is changing the permitting process. It now requires the property owner where the party’s happening to get a permit.

“We can hold the landowner accountable a lot easier and chances are it’s somebody who lives in Charlotte who has neighbors affected by this,” Eiselt said.

It comes as the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said they will be stepping up resources by bringing in officers on their days off and providing overtime.

Eiselt is hoping the changes put the Queen City in a different light this year.

“These are all visitors to our city, and we want them to have a positive experience while they’re here,” Eiselt said.

The tournament starts on Tuesday and goes through Saturday.