CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As thousands gathered for the Panthers first season home opener Sunday, some security changes came into play.

Back in June, Charlotte City Council repealed the “Extraordinary Event” ordinance, which gave officers more leeway to stop suspicious people during large scale events.

So what does that mean for football games?

The preseason is over as Carolina hosted the Buffalo Bills for the Panthers' home opener Sunday, a game no longer classified as an "extraordinary event."

And even without the title, officers are continuing to work in full force to ensure public safety. While they still can conduct searches but by-law, they will need permission to do so.

"It's not taking away people's rights," said Charlotte City Councilmember Julie Eiselt. "It doesn't violate people's right to a lawful search."

While the ordinance is no longer in effect, we asked fans if they’re concerned about their safety.

“I haven’t noticed anything different," said one fan. "I feel safe.”

“Just walking around everything feels pretty safe, we’re about to head into the game so I feel good about that,” said another.

Even though the ordinance was repealed, certain things are still not allowed. For example, items such as backpacks, sharp objects and fireworks are still banned at large events.