CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The friend of a man who was punched on-camera during a Panthers game that has since gone viral is speaking out on the incident.

Gene Serba said he and his friend were attending Thursday night's Eagles-Panthers game when they got into an argument with two Panthers fans in front of them.

Kyle Adam Maraghy

Serba said 26-year-old Kyle Maraghy and his girlfriend stood up during the entire game, blocking his friend's view.

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He said the four of them exchanged insults and curse words before Serba said Maraghy sucker-punched his friend.

"I was almost shocked that it happened," Serba said over FaceTime. "No way, shape or form did I even think that was going to happen."

CMPD charged Maraghy with simple assault, and NBC Charlotte spoke briefly to his attorney after he bonded out of jail.

Serba said his friend, a Panthers season-ticket holder, is recovering at home after being examined at a hospital.