CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hundreds made their presence felt at Marshall Park in uptown Charlotte to rally against hate.

Charlotte Uprising organized the peace rally and vigil Saturday night. It was the Queen City's latest response to the demonstrations promoting white supremacy in parts of the country.

Ash Williams, an organizer with Charlotte Uprising, said people of color live in the reality of racial profiling on a daily basis.

"We never know who are the racists among us," Williams said. "We feel things no one else feels. We see things no else claims to see. We, working class people... people of color we are living those realities every single day."

The cry for change coming one week after tension between white nationalists and counter protesters in Charlottesville turned deadly. One person was killed and more than a dozen injured.

"With the violence we've seen in the last couple days, I think that says enough," said Sarah Ingle, a demonstrator. "There's no room for that anymore."

Earlier today, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police shut down rumors of a KKK march being held in uptown. CMPD later reported that no arrests were made during Saturday night's demonstration.