CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The post office is apologizing after NBC Charlotte started asking questions about this picture of one of its cars parked in a handicapped spot.

Christina Ladd was disgusted at the sight of the photo that showed a USPS vehicle parked in a handicap space. She had been paralyzed since 2012.

"First of all, the driver should know better," Ladd said. "Is there nowhere else he could park to unload?"

NBC Charlotte showed that same picture to the postal service. They wrote back in part, "it's inappropriate," and apologized.

"You know it's a delivery person," Ladd said "He's only going to be there for a second, but still... He doesn't know that might be the moment I'm driving by."

Ladd said people wrongfully using the handicap parking spot is a big problem.

"Terribly frustrating," she said.

NBC Charlotte reached out to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police asking how many people they ticket for parking in handicap spots. In 2014, they ticketed 26 violators. In 2015, at least 29 people were written up.

With the maximum fine of $250 each ticket, that adds up to $13,700 in fines.

Chip Johnson, who says he is married to a woman who used a wheelchair for 18 years, also is not a fan of those who wrongfully use the handicap parking spaces.

"It got my attention," he said after seeing the photo.

USPS released the following statement to NBC Charlotte:

It is inappropriate for postal vehicles to use handicap spaces. We apologize for this incident and we will take steps to reinforce appropriate driving practices with our employees.