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With the country opening back up, the common cold is making a comeback

Now that the country is opening back up, the common cold is making a comeback, specially among children.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thanks to vaccinations, the spread of COVID-19 is way down but the downside of heading back into public and taking off our masks means other viruses are returning. 

Now that the country is opening back up, the common cold is making a comeback, especially among children. 

So how can you keep your family healthy? Let's connect the dots.

First, if your kids start to feel under the weather, you should get them tested for COVID-19. If the test is negative and symptoms aren't severe, you can use your usual home remedies. 

To stop the spread to the rest of the family, don't forget the lessons learned over the past year. Masks will help a lot. Doctors say they're only needed for face-to-face contact during the first few days of symptoms.

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Also, don't forget about washing your hands. It can help stop the spread of many illnesses, not just COVID-19. 

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The other advice is to get more air circulation. It can be tough to open windows during sweltering summer months but fans help, too. 

And while it may be difficult to social distance as a parent, you should avoid kisses and cuddles during those first few days of symptoms. 

After all, a healthy parent is a lot more helpful to a sick kiddo. 

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