CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If going out to eat is in the cards for you on this first weekend of February, then you’ll want to catch this week’s restaurant report card

Each week, on Friday, we let consumer reporter Bill McGinty gross us out with violations in local restaurants that we might never know about! 

McGinty I combs through the hundreds of health inspection reports looking for low grades and popular places that should have better grades. Sometimes, he's been truly amazed at what he's reading.

We begin at the Kung Poa Express on Sam Roper Dr. Now, food temperature issues are a big deal and they are listed in red, which means it’s a critical violation. At this place, the inspector cooked eggs, which should have been at 41 degrees or below, sitting at a balmy 71. 2 containers of rice, were at 90 degrees. This place also had dirty utensils which is why they earned an 87, which is a “b” grade.

Next up, the Four Points by Sheraton, the one on Woodlawn, so the restaurant inside the hotel. They had a raw burger with no package just sitting in the freezer and there was an open bag of pretzels in the freezer with some type of liquid frozen on them. Yes, they were tossed out.  Their grade here? An 88, also a “B."

Lastly, the Harris food mart on Statesville road.  They had a moldy lime stored in their prep cooler.  They also had food that should have been cold but wasn’t, the eggs were 61 degrees. That’s 20 degrees out of whack and the cheese was 45 degrees.  Their grade, an 85.5, a “B” grade.

Remember to focus more on the number score than the letter grade. If it’s below 95…it’s worth checking at 


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