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'A panoramic dream' | This South Carolina sunflower field is a photographer's paradise

About an hour south of Charlotte is a huge field of sunflowers that makes for the perfect Instagram shot. But you better hurry, it won't last.

MCCONNELLS, S.C. — Less than an hour outside Charlotte is a wonderland of sunflowers that provides a great opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature's beauty while social distancing. 

At the Draper Wildlife Management area in McConnells, South Carolina, you're only a short walk down a trail to the gigantic field of sunflowers. Finding them may be a little mysterious at first, but the destination is totally worth the journey. 

Just drive into the area past a sign that talks about "knowing the regulations" and follow that road to a parking lot at the very end. You will then see the trail that leads right to the sunflowers. 

If you want to enjoy the view, you'll have to hurry. It's not going to last. 

"I think in the next week or so, you're going to see most of this get pretty droopy," said Brian Osborne, a photography teacher who was at the field this week.

There are literally thousands of sunflowers and they draw a lot more than just bees. Hundreds of people come out every day to enjoy the picture-perfect setting. If you're a photographer, it's a panoramic dream. 

"It's been great to be out, to be able to do our thing while social distancing," said Osborne.

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It's a free and safe visit to one of nature's most exquisite flowers. And if you want to the break the stream of at-home Instagram photos, this is the perfect place to splash some yellow on your feed. 

Even though the beauty seems endless this will not last more than a week from now. So come out before this is turned to bird seed. Have fun and be safe!