CONCORD, N.C. -- There are tap water concerns in Concord; a local neighborhood is without running water for two days, after a water main break.

Some people had to carry buckets of water to their home on Tuesday just to be able to use the bathroom. The area at the center of it all is around the intersection of Douglas Avenue and Church Street in Concord.

NBC Charlotte talked to people who have been without water for more than a day. They say they’d like the city to be more responsive with water resources.

The streets are soaked, but the faucets are dry. “We don’t have no water at all,” said one resident.

For more than 30 hours, people have been unable to do the basics.

“No showers or baths or washing dishes,” says resident Nanci Salem.

On Tuesday, Salem was filling up buckets outside her house. “So it doesn’t all go to waste, so I can at least flush the toilet,” she said.

Tuesday morning, water continued rushing from the site where a 16-inch main broke on Monday morning. City officials, who’ve hired a contractor to stop the leak, say it’s a complicated fix.

“Everything is interconnected,” says Peter Franzese, public affairs manager for the city of Concord.

City leaders are also telling residents they may find discolored water in the taps. “The water remains safe to drink, despite if there’s a slight discoloration to it,” says Franzese.

However, NBC Charlotte talked to some residents who say they wouldn’t drink discolored water.

“I’m not going to drink it,” says Salem.

“Discoloration don’t drink it, if it doesn’t look safe it’s not safe,” said another resident.

Meanwhile, some residents told NBC Charlotte’s a complete stranger dropped off water for them. “She just asked if we need water and I said, ‘Yeah’,” said the resident. “We were really thankful.”

City officials say they don’t know how many people are affected or what caused the water main to break in the first place. They say they hope to start the slow process of restoring water Tuesday evening.

If you’re water isn’t turned on by Wednesday morning, you’re asked to call the Customer Care Center at 704-920-5555.

Meanwhile, the city is distributing bottles of drinking water behind the Sherwin-Williams store located at 375 Church Street N (enter from St. Mary Avenue NW or Peachtree Avenue NW).

Residents can also have water delivered by calling 704-920-5342 until 5:00 p.m. and 704-920-5555, if it’s after 5 p.m..