CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Young children were caught in the middle of a frightening crime.

Police say three suspects broke into a home while six people were inside, including a nine year-old boy and seven year-old girl. It happened on Knoll Ridge Court in West Charlotte overnight on Wednesday.

NBC Charlotte caught up with the victims at the home, but they did not speak English, and a neighbor believes that’s why they were targeted.

Denise, said the language barrier has not stopped her from forming a strong bond with her neighbors.

“They knock on my door, I knock on theirs,” Denise told NBC Charlotte. “We only have each other out here.”

However, it was not a friendly neighbor at the door at 1:20 Wednesday morning. Police said three suspects broke into the home with the children inside.

“It’s terrible, because they are hardworking people, they mind their business, they nice people, if you need something to eat they give you food,” said Denise.

According to the police report, the six victims did not know the three suspects. Denise believes she knows why they were targeted.

“They are easy targets because they speak no English and they think they might not want to report a crime,” said Denise.

The report does not show any items stolen. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Denise now has a message for anyone causing trouble.

“I call the police and everybody knows I call the police,” she said.

She said the bond between the two homes has only gotten stronger because of the violent crime.

“I look out for them, it makes me want to look out for them even more,” Denise told NBC Charlotte.

So far, no arrests have been made. It’s an ongoing investigation.