After Snapchat experienced a snafu Monday afternoon, many users discovered their beloved streaks were gone Tuesday morning.

When the initial malfunction occurred on Monday, Snapchat Support tweeted, "Some snapchatters are having trouble with the app. We're looking into it!"

But problems persisted into Tuesday.

Brittany Kuric wrote, "Why have I lost all my streaks even though I snapped them today?"

Snapchat support replied, "Hey! Sorry, your Snapstreak problem could be due to issues with the app. If you're still seeing this after 24hrs, let us know!"

Another Snapchatter begged for help after losing a 100+day streak.

If you are having this problem, never fear, there is help. If you go to Snapchat's website, you're supposed to be able to recover your lost streaks. If that doesn't work, keep contacting the app's tech support.

Happy snapping!