CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. — One Catawba County grandmother had quite the Mother's Day this year. She won big, taking home over a hundred thousand dollars.  

Datina Rowland of Newton was driving to her daughter's house to babysit, and stopped on the way at the Walmart on Northwest Boulevard in Newton. 

“I had a few extra dollars in my pocket,” Rowland told the NC Education Lottery. “So I bought some tickets to play for fun.”

One of the tickets won her $4, the next didn't win anything, the third one, though, was the life-changer. A $5 Win It All ticket produced the game's top prize of $200,000. 

She said it didn't feel real then, and it still doesn't. 

She called her parents to share the news with them, then drove to her daughter's house to show off her winning ticket. The two of them cried, she said. 

“You know, we all try so hard," she said. "We all struggle. We’re just working our butts off to survive. It was such a nice surprise for Mother’s Day to have a win like this.” 

She went to Raleigh Monday to claim her prize. After required state and federal withholdings, she went home with $141,501.

She said she wants to invest in her daughters and grandchildren but, at the advice of her dad, she might also take a vacation.