Columbia, SC (WLTX) - One ice cream vendor has been working at the state fair longer than a lot of people have been alive.

Ninety-one-year-old David Hlay has been an ice cream vendor at the South Carolina State Fair for 71 years.

His youngest son Steve has worked along side him for 55 years.

They say it's a family thing, and it wouldn't be complete without the woman who made it happen: David's wife, Trudy.

Trudy's is the name of the ice cream stand, and Hlay says there was no mistaking she was the one in charge.

"She was the boss, she sat right there in that chair [and] when she said, 'do this,' you did that," Hlay said. "I loved her for 61 years."

After 61 years of marriage, he still thinks about her.

"I loved her and I think about her right now," Hlay said.

She's still with him, too, found all over the ice cream stand. He says he'll be there to serve up sweet treats

for as long as he can.

"South Carolina, best people in the world," Hlay said. "Love every minute of it, this is my thing."