1. CMPD Chief Kerr Putney said only one body camera was on and working during a deadly police shooting last month

Chief Putney did not go into details about why the other body cameras did not have video, but he said if an officer does not turn a body a camera on, that’s a serious violation of policy.    

On Tuesday morning, Chief Putney reacted to the body camera video that was released to the public. The video shows the moments before an officer shot and killed Danquirs Franklin.

“This is one of the most troubling videos I've seen,” Chief Putney said.

It raises the question about why there isn't body camera video available from another officer on scene.  At this point in the investigation, Chief Putney is not saying whether the other camera malfunctioned or the officer did not turn it on.

“What I can tell you is one body camera was working,” Chief Putney said.

2. This Marine's legs locked up with 4 miles to go in the Boston Marathon. He didn't let that stop him 

Micah Herndon's legs locked up near mile 22, according to WBZ in Boston.

Herndon, who is from Tallmadge, Ohio, was running for Mark Juarez, Matthew Ballard and Rupert Hamer, according to the Record-Courier. The three were killed in a bombing in Afghanistan in 2010. Herndon survived and he wasn't going to give up for them Monday until he crossed the line.

Herndon finished in three hours and 38 minutes.

3. North Carolina's 'born-alive' abortion bill is heading to Gov. Cooper's desk 

North Carolina's legislature gave final passage Tuesday to a bill to require doctors and nurses to care for babies born alive during a failed late-term abortion or face big penalties, a measure opponents deemed legally unnecessary and a threat to abortion providers.

House lawmakers followed a day after Senate counterparts in approving the bill, which would mean prison time and big fines for medical practitioners who don't give children born despite a botched abortion the same protections as any other newborn.

A spokesman for Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper criticized the measure later Tuesday, raising expectations the governor would veto the legislation.

"This unnecessary legislation would criminalize doctors for a practice that simply does not exist," Ford Porter wrote in an email.

4. The Panthers' 2019 schedule will be released Wednesday night 

We already know who the Panthers will play. We'll soon know when they play those teams, including their first-ever regular season game in London. 

The NFL schedule will be announced at 8 p.m. Wednesday on NFL Network. And with all the news about a potential relocation of the team's headquarters and practice facility to South Carolina, it's a bit refreshing to get news about the games again. 

And in case you're wondering, the Panthers announced that single-game tickets will go on sale at 9 p.m. Wednesday, so don't wait for your chance to secure your seat. 

5. Chips Ahoy! chew cookies are under recall. Some people have reported choking on them 

Mondelē z Global LLC announced a limited voluntary recall for certain boxes of Chewy Chips Ahoy! cookies Saturday. 

The company said that certain boxes of the cookies contain an "unexpected solidified ingredient," and that they have received some reports of "potential adverse health effects."

Company representative Elisabeth Wenner explained that there had been some instances where the cornstarch in the recipe didn't fully incorporate in the mixing process and solidified during the baking process. 

Wenner added that a small number of consumers reported gagging, choking or dental injury, but they've been unable to confirm any of those reports at this time.