CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A teenage McDonald’s employee says she was assaulted over a slushie.

Off camera, the 17 year old tells NBC Charlotte a female customer was angry about having to wait for the drink.

That’s when police say the suspect went around the counter and hit the teenager girl several times. It happened at the McDonald’s on Albermarle Road at around 5 p.m. on Thursday.

The teenage worker said after the woman ordered a slushie, she was told she would have to wait and park; and it didn’t take long before she became violent.

“They could use a little anger management,” said another McDonald’s customer.

“I work in fast food and customers do get mad at me as well,” says Joy Anthony, a McDonald’s customer. “Over a slushy come on, you can go home and make that.”

Other customers say a little patience would go a long way.

“I’m waiting right now for sugar cookies, I’m not going go behind the counter and beat up employees because I’m waiting on my food,” Anthony told NBC Charlotte.

The teenage employee went to the hospital for scratches and bruises. She says the suspect left the restaurant, shortly after the assault.

“If that was my child, I would want someone to press charges on that person as well,” said Anthony.

So far no arrests in the case. Police say it’s an ongoing investigation.

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