CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A local parent said she's appalled a coach used a racial slur against her child, and now he's back in the classroom.

Desiree Emory told NBC Charlotte her son, a junior at East Mecklenburg High School, said he was called the N-word by an assistant football coach.

“He (her son) was affected by it but they didn’t care. They never thought about my child as a person and how those negative words could impact him,” said Emory.

She said it happened while her son and the rest of the team were going through drills. The practice was intense, and at one point, her son questioned one of his coaches about why were they doing a particular drill. Emory said both parties raised their voices, and the assistant coach uttered the N-word.

"He wants an answer as to why he has to do something a certain way. The coach got frustrated and shouted out, 'Tell this N-word to do x,y, and z,” she said.

Emory said other players heard the comment made to another coach about her son.

“Once he realized what he said, he just got out of there,” Emory said. “We all know what to do, and what not to say.”

The coach was suspended with pay in October and fired a month later. However, he was reinstated in March, according to CMS. NBC Charlotte reached out to school board president Mary McCray but have not heard back from her on the matter.

The district said the man is no longer a football coach, but he is an assistant teacher for exceptional children. Emory said she and her son are still waiting for an apology from him.

“He apologized to the principal, I guess, which does nothing for my son," Emory said.