MOORESVILLE, N.C. — A Mooresville mom is thankful a deer ran into her instead of a child at a 5K on Thanksgiving morning.

Anne Mautner was handing out water at the Turkey Trot on S. Academy St. when the doe tried to jump over her -- and kicked her in the head.

"I look up and there’s something literally flying over me," she said.

Mautner never lost consciousness, but she did take quite the tumble.

“It turned me around, my knees in the ground, and I broke my fall with my head," she said.

Mautner went to the hospital. Two hours later, she left with three stitches, cuts and bruises, and a budding black eye.

“But no broken bones and no concussion," she said.

Mautner was still able to give thanks with her family. In the spirit of the season, she’s not holding any grudges against the deer.

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