PHOENIX - ‚ÄčThe mom who was reported missing with her 3-year-old son earlier this week has been arrested for child abuse, according to court paperwork.

According to court documents, Phoenix police discovered Taquila Wilson's 3-year-old son had multiple injuries on his legs, arms, head, neck, ears, face, torso and back.

An examination of the boy's injuries, court docs showed, revealed the boy suffered from cauliflower ear as a "result of trauma."

According to court paperwork, Wilson admitted to disciplining her 3-year-old with "multiple belts on multiple occasions."

She told police the boy's injuries may have resulted from hitting him with the belt.

According to court documents, Wilson's other children said their mom hit their brother with a belt, shoe and hanger. The 3-year-old boy also told police that his mom had hit him.

Wilson was arrested and booked on one count of child abuse.