SUNSET BEACH, N.C. — Susan Westwood, locally known as "South Park Susan", turned herself in Saturday at the urging of her mother, according to police.

Westwood was wanted for assaulting and threatening two black women in Charlotte after a video on Facebook showed the confrontation in the parking lot of a South Park apartment complex where all of the women claimed to live. The video shot on October 19 was shared more than 24,000 times.

According to the police report, a woman said she was physically assaulted and threatened with bodily injury by Westwood, the suspect.

On October 30, police issued a misdemeanor warrant for misuse of the 911 system against Westwood, but officers were not able to find her. Police said Westwood falsely claimed people near her home were trying to break into nearby residences.

According to an incident report, Nancy Westwood, the suspect's mother, reached out to police in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, and expressed concern for her daughter's safety after seeing a video of her on national news.

The report said Westwood’s mother discussed having her daughter turn herself in to police. On Saturday, Westwood showed up at the Sunset Beach Police Department and was transported to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office where she was served with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant as well as four criminal summons.

A lawyer representing the Garris sisters told NBC Charlotte the eviction process for Westwood has started. Camden Property Trust could not comment on the status of Westwood's lease or residence at the complex.

The company said in a statement, "Camden does not condone this type of behavior, and we take this matter very seriously. We are working with our attorneys and taking the steps required by law."

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