Vermont: Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour Price: $4 for an adult ticket Location: Waterbury, outside Montpelier Ben & Jerry's Factory is a must-see attraction in Vermont. For just $4, you can learn how one of the most popular ice cream brands creates its frozen treats. The facility also hosts free outdoor movie festivals during the summer.
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Two decades ago, a crisp $20 had the same buying power as about $30. For that amount of money in the , you could enjoy a plethora of fun activities, such as a trip to the movies — with a tub of popcorn and fountain drink — or a long day at a local amusement park.

These days, it might not seem like $20 can get you much of anything, but there are still plenty of fun activities to do in the U.S. for little money. GoBankingRates.com has put together a look at how you can live the big life on a budget in all 50 states, with cool ideas for under $20.