CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Federal prosecutors announced a sweeping indictment, charging 12 people with stealing thousands of people's credit card information by placing skimmers at gas pumps across five states including Ohio, Colorado, Maryland, Florida and Utah.

While North Carolina is not listed in the indictment, investigators said there are likely more suspects at-large and more states that are affected.

Skimmers continue to be found in the Charlotte area, including as recently as last Friday when Gastonia Police discovered skimmers at a local gas station.

Detectives believe a highly organized group of criminals have been responsible for installing skimmers in the Charlotte area, though it's not yet known whether the individuals are or are connected to the 12 suspects.

Police urge customers to constantly monitor their credit card statements.

Some skimmers also have Bluetooth capability and can be discovered by turning on the Bluetooth feature on a cell phone. The device's name usually has a long sequence of letters and/or numbers.