SEATTLE, Wash. (KING) -- While the Seahawks prepare to keep the New York Giants in control Sunday, defensive back DeShawn Shead is also trying to keep Washington state students in class.

Shead recorded robo-calls to be sent to chronically absent students and parents of the student who skip school.

“Wake up,” Shead recorded Monday. “Let’s get up and go.”

He recorded the messages for a state Department of Social and Health Services and Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction public service campaign.

Washington students have the second-worst absentee rate in the country, according to the state.

Shead, who graduated from Portland State University with a major in exercise science and a minor in communications, said he wouldn’t be where he is today without an education. He said school kept him out of trouble.

“Violence, drugs, all of the above,” said Shead from the indoor practice center at the VMAC in Renton. “You name it, I’ve seen it. But I’m standing here today.”