A 74-year-old woman in India gave birth to twins on Thursday.

Yerramatti Mangayamma was unable to conceive after marrying her husband in 1962. 

Mangayamma and her 82-year-old husband tried to have children for 57 years, and the day finally came.

The woman conceived in her first round of IVF and it was a surprise to everyone, Dr. S. Umasanker said. 

"In the first attempt she (Mangayamma) was pregnant, and that was really amazing for us and from that time, we formed into teams. So, we formed three teams, one to look after her pregnancy and one team to look after nutritional needs, and another team to look after her general health," Umasanker said.

The twin girls were delivered by several doctors through cesarean section and just a few hours after, the father suffered a stroke. He is being treated at that same hospital.

Mangayamma’s mother said her daughter is very happy being mother. The twins will be raised by their parents and extended family. 

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