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Reports: CEO fires 900 employees over Zoom call, viral video shows

According to the video, ex-employees will get some severance pay and temporary benefits.
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NEW YORK — The holidays just got a lot harder for about 900 employees who were laid off by their boss last week via Zoom, according to multiple reports. 

The announcement, made by Better.com CEO Vishal Garg, has gone viral on multiple social media platforms, including YouTube

The video, which appears to be recorded by an employee on the call, shows Garg addressing his employees, saying, “I come to you with not great news. The market has changed, as you know, and we have to move with it in order to survive so that hopefully, we can continue to thrive and deliver on our mission. This isn’t news that you’re going to want to hear. But ultimately it was my decision. And I wanted you to hear from me. It’s been a really, really challenging decision to make.”

Garg went on to say in the video about 15 percent of the company would be laid off. India Today reports that's about 900 people employed at Better.com in both India and the U.S.

Among the people who were fired was the diversity, equity and inclusion recruiting team, according to CNN.

Garg said the decision wasn't something he wanted to do. 

“This is the second time in my career I’m doing this and I do not want to do this. The last time I did it, I cried,” he said on the call.

The New York Post says Garg also accused the ex-workers of "stealing from our customers" by "not being productive." 

And, while he said the "market has changed" and the company needs to slim down due to the pandemic, the Post points out Garg did not mention the "company's $750 million cash infusion it got from investors" recently. 

On the call, Garg said those laid off would get four weeks of severance and one month of full benefits and other benefits.

You can watch the full video here:


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