The violence at the Charlottesville rally sparked candle light vigils to honor the life of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman struck down by a car on Saturday.

For the first time, we're hearing from her mother. Speaking to NBC, Susan Bro shared why she "can't be sad."

"I can't be angry because anger will make me hate and hate only leads to more hate and there's just no point to that. Heather wouldn't have wanted that either. She would've said, 'why hate? What does that accomplish? What would that do for anybody?' That's how I raised her and that's how I believe myself."

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Heyer was killed when 20-year-old Alex Fields of Ohio drove a car through a crowd of people

Along with the vigils in Heyer's honor, anti-hate groups marched across the country. Here in Atlanta, protestors gathered at Piedmont Park where some attempted to tear down the historic Peace Monument.

Last night, some climbed on the monument saying it's a symbol of the Confederacy.

Others spray painted it, tied a chain around it and many in the crowds chanted "tear it down."

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Police surrounded the crowd as some protestors engaged in heated debate about keeping the protest peaceful. That march began in downtown's Woodruff Park and stretched over a couple of hours into midtown. Atlanta police cleared the way for them to march peacefully. It stayed mostly peaceful until the incident at the Peace Monument.

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