What. Just. Happened.

The Price is Right wrapped up the premiere week for its 46th season with one of the wildest sequences they've ever had on the Big Wheel.

For those who missed out on this record-breaking moment, here's what happened...

Because this is Drew Carrey's 10th season hosting the show, anyone who lands on $1.00 while spinning the wheel gets $10,000 straight away.

So the show's last three contestants head to the wheel and the first one lands on $1.00...then the second one too...then the third gets a combined $1.00 on his two spins!


That would've been wild enough, but the wheel magic wasn't done.

All three got to spin one more time and wouldn't you know it, the first two landed on $1.00 AGAIN meaning they each got another $25,000.

At this point the audience, contestants, and Drew Carrey are losing it.

$80,000 in a matter of minutes.

The third contestant narrowly missed out on more money but he did get that $10,000.

So the last two contestants, who already won $35,000, head back to the wheel to figure out who would make it to the Showcase Showdown. Drew Carrey seemed to not be 100% sure what the rules were for a third round of spinning, he even had to ask someone off-screen whether the contestants would win more money if they landed on $1.00 again (they wouldn't).

The luck of the wheel seemed to have ran out at that point and the streak of $1.00 spins ended at FIVE IN A ROW.

According to CBS, it was the most money ever spun on the wheel. Add in the fact that every contestant on the show won their pricing game's too and Friday's episode will go down in Price is Right history.

VIDEO: Contestants win $80,000 on The Price is Right wheel

Unsurprisingly, the whole sequence led to some hilarious reactions on Twitter.