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Were you good this year? Check the 'official Naughty or Nice List'

Time is running out to make it on the nice list by Christmas.
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Santa Claus in the library

With thousands of names already, you may need to check this list twice.

The "Department of Christmas Affairs" — all the way from the North Pole — has unveiled a 2019 "Naughty and Nice List," determined by what it's calling the "Global Behaviour Tracking Network and data mining technology."

Nearly 60% of names are on the "Nice List," but if you happen to be one of the nearly 4,000 on the "Naughty List," you can request a review if you believe there was a mistake in your status.

Now while the website may give off the look of a real government website, the people who created it added a disclaimer to make sure everyone knows it's just intended to add a little fun to your Christmas experience. 

The website's designers, Millie Clery and Clayton Smith, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation they are both former public servants so making the website look official came easy to them. 

Now if you're on the "naughty list" right now, all hope isn't lost. Clery said she found a list of names online and then used a "mathematical formula via Excel spreadsheet to generate who would be naughty or nice," according to ABC

If your name isn't one of the 9,384 currently on the list, you can make a request for review anytime before Dec. 24 at 5 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time — which is 1 a.m. ET on Christmas Eve.

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Click here to check the "official Naughty or Nice List." 

And if you don't like the results there, might as well just check some other lists too. You can also consult the naughty or nice list on FollowingSanta.com or the one at emailsanta.com or get your Naughty or Nice rating from Claus.com or see what santarules.com has from their list.  

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Santa Claus in the library

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